Hypnosis and Past Life Experience

One of the most interesting tools of hypnosis assisted psychotherapy is known as past life regression. During past life regression a client is hypnotized and taken back in time to an event that took place in a past life. The goal of a hypnotist is to identify and narrow down to a very specific event that is related to a psychological problem that is affecting the patient’s current life. This brings the knowledge that helps therapist and the patient to deal with the present problem by understanding what event in another life caused this problem.
This approach works best with anxiety and depression. The therapist not only identifies and taps into a situation or event that is a source of anxiety or depression for his client, but also reframes the event or change what was experienced so that the said event does not negatively affect their client any longer in their present life.
Past life regression was first developed in 1890’s Paris under Dr. Pierre Janet who collaborated with Sigmund Freud in an experiment to use it as a tool of psychotherapy. The subject of past life regression was seen as some type of an occult philosophy and commonly regarded as unbelievable. It was pretty much ignored by therapists for the next seven decades, at least until Morey Bernstein wrote a publication entitled “The search for Bridie Murphy” during the 1960’s. This was an account of a young women, Virginia Tighe from Colorado who, when hypnotized, travelled back to a former life in 19th century when she was a young woman in Ireland known as Bridie and recalled many details about her life. Many of these details couldn’t have been known to this young women, who never left her home town. After many searches in Irish archives it was discovered that there was a person with the name Bridie Murphy Corkell, and most facts of her life did match to the descriptions given by Virginia Tighe.

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